Friday, December 28, 2012

Feature Beer Friday! - Anchor Christmas Ale 2012

It might be after Christmas, but it's still December, so it's still cool if I feature a Christmas ale, right?  RIGHT?  I thought so.  Rounding out 2012 is another of the classic Christmas Ales, the Anchor Brewing Our Special Ale 2012. Yeah, that's the legit name, but everyone just refers to it as Anchor Christmas, so I will as well.  Anchor is one of the originators of the craft brewing movement in the USA, tracing their roots all the way back to 1849.  

The brewery was bought and re-named to Anchor in 1896, closed during prohibition and then eventually succumbed to emergence of the mass-produced lagers and closed again in 1959.  The brewery re-opened for a brief period in the 1960s, then was on the verge of closing down again when Fritz Maytag bought a majority ownership and transformed Anchor in to what it is today, the grandfather of the modern craft beer renaissance in the United States.

Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jay Ducote (Bite And Booze), Jeremy Spikes  and James Lawson ( 

Serving: 12 oz. glass bottle.

Appearance: "Dark red hue, tan head, nice body," was Jay's impression, and I agreed.  All of us scored the appearance 12/15 or better. 

Aroma: I found that it had a strong aroma of nutmeg, and was very cake-like. Jay also described it more as a toasted cake, with spices.  I think it's a fantastic holiday spice aroma.

Taste: Christmas cake.  This beer's aroma and flavor really evoke the season and the spices of the season.  Very well done.

Mouthfeel: A little roasted but easy drinking.  Jeremy described it as, "smooth & drinkable."

Overall: Pretty much universaly enjoyed with three of the four of us scoring this one at 80 or above.  I find it to be a classic Christmas ale, and as of this posting there was still more to be found in Baton Rouge at places like Whole Foods, Calandro's and The Beverage Store.
Overall Rating: 79.75

My Rating:84

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