Monday, October 15, 2012

Saint Arnold Pumpkinator is in BR!

Hey groovy beer people, Saint Arnold's second annual Pumpkinator release is upon us.  The word around the campfire was that it was releasing in Houston today, but Baton Rouge wouldn't see any until tomorrow, but that's not the case!  Several stores have the Pumpkinator in stock now (Whole Foods, Calandro's, Matherne's), but it's going fast.  Last year's version was outstanding, one of the best pumpkin beers available, and I have high hopes for the 2012 version as well.  And as an added bonus they brewed twice as much as 2011, so the odds are even better that you'll get your hands on some! 

Also, it'll be on tap at a few places around South Louisiana, most notable for the BR Beer Scene, is at The Cove starting at 8 PM tomorrow, October 16th.  I imagine we'll see it on tap a few more places before the year is up, but there's your draft release date! 


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