Friday, October 12, 2012

Feature Beer Friday! - Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo

Welcome back to Feature Beer Friday!  Up today is a beer from England, the Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo!  This one is a barrel aged ale English Strong Ale checking in at 9% abv.  Samuel Smith has been around for decades but this was all of our first tries at the Yorkshire Stingo from them.  They have impressed us all before with their Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale, and others before, but how about the Stingo?

Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jay Ducote (Bite And Booze), James Lawson (, and Jeremy Spikes (

Serving: 550 ml bottle.

Appearance: "A nice cloudy look to it, beige head on the pour and a caramel color." Jay commented, and everyone agreed that it was impressive.

Aroma: "I like it a lot," was all the elaboration James could muster, but coming from him that's a ringing endorsement.  

Taste:  High scores all around for this one.  A delicious malty wood-aged beer. Fucking fantastic, this one had Jeremy cursing and needing the "ahoy" all over the broadcast.  Fortunately, I can curse on here!

Mouthfeel: "Easy to drink, creamy and smooth despite the 9% abv," and yet again the Yorkshire Stingo scores well.

Overall: There weren't any expectation going in to this one because we had never tried it, but it impressed all four of us.  An all around pleasant surprise for all of us involved, and probably the best Feature Beer Friday brew to date.

Overall Rating:83,5
My Rating:87

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