Friday, October 26, 2012

Feature Beer Friday! - Clown Shoes Clementine 1.5

Welcome back to another Feature Beer Friday, and today we feature our first repeat (kind of) brewery!  This offering is from Clown Shoes (facebook - twitter) out of Massachusetts and they were part of the Pimp, a collaboration effort with Brash Brewing.  

Clown Shoes is relatively new to the Baton Rouge market, but they have been making a big splash on the shelves and there will be an upcoming beer dinner at Juban's featuring the lineup.  And speaking of beer dinners, tomorrow night there will be one at Fleming's that I helped pick beers out for... and this Clementine 1.5 is featured, so check it out!  And if you think I'm shamelessly using this beer to plug a beer dinner, you're sort of right.  I chose this day to feature it for that reason, but it was brought to the Raise A Glass radio program by friend and frequent guest Dustin Davis, so blame him!  

On to the review?  I think it's that time.

Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), James Lawson (, Jeremy Spikes (, and Dustin Davis.
Serving: 22 ounce bottle.

Appearance: "hazy unfiltered orange w/ nice white head" was Dustin's comment, and the appearance scored three 13s and one strong 14.  Off to a great start, but we've seen more than one beer start strong and fizzle...

Aroma: "Orange, wheat, a little spicy," was my comment, and Dustin noted that he picked up the characteristic Belgian yeast

Taste:  Good citrus & spicy notes, a little bitter with the orange rind but then it finished a little back toward sweet.  All of us rated it above a 30 here so this beer is headed for a solid score!

Mouthfeel: Jeremy described it as a "good oily mouthfeel" and this one was certainly easy to drink despite being an imperial witbier. I really enjoyed the sweet finish of each sip.

Overall: Excellent beer, one of the strongest offerings yet on Feature Beer Friday.  James summed up his review by saying, "better than clown shoes under the bed... scary good."  I think we all agree that this is a keeper.

Overall Rating:84
My Rating: 82

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