Monday, July 2, 2012

BeerWalking At The Halfway Point!

Alright folks, I'm halfway through this goal to walk a mile for every alcoholic drink (mostly beer, duh) I consume in 2012.  The rules were pretty simple, although tracking everything has been challenging sometimes.  Especially challenging on some bigger drinking days, but I've tried my best to be as accurate as possible with both the drinking and the mileage.  As for the mileage I've been tracking almost all of it with this fancy pedometer thingy I got on  OMRON HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Health Management Software I don't really use the software but after a little calibration (and one battery replacement) I've found that it's extremely accurate when I'm walking.  It bases the distances on number of steps and is calibrated for my walking stride, so when I run it measures low, but that's okay.  

Here are the totals through the end of June:  (And here is the archived day by day activity just for good measure!)
Total Miles: 713.31
Total Drinks: 684.50
Average Miles: 3.92 per day
Average Drinks: 3.76 per day
High Mileage: 9.41 on January 9th
High Drinks: 21 on June 8th (Dogfish Head Brewpub day... yikes!)
Best month: June, 132.55 miles for a 4.42 average
Worst month: March, 98.32 miles for a 3.17 average
Most drinks: June, 138 drinks for a 4.6 average (that Delaware trip did NOT help!)
Least drinks: February, 92.5 drinks for a 3.19 average
What I've really learned is that it takes some effort for me to get more than about 2 miles per day.  On a typical work day I'll get around 1 mile and I might get another one just doing regular activities in the evening, but anything past that requires an effort to get out and walk the dogs, or run the lakes, or even get on the elliptical for a bit if the weather is bad.  As I've gone on I realized that 4 miles is really the goal for me to stay ahead of the drinking.   I've average over 4 miles per day during April, May, and June and it has helped me maintain a pretty steady lead of 20-30 miles over the drinks consumed despite some fun weekends and beer festivals.   As of now I'm about 14 miles short of a 4-mile overall average, so the next goal is going to be to reach that number, and then maintain it.  

As far as weight loss goes, I've seen a drop of about 10 pounds since the start of the year, and now I'm back on the Couch to 5K plan on hoping to see a few more come off!  

Cheers everyone, and be sure to wave if you see me walking around the lakes.

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