Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #12 Release!

Hey everyone!  

Just wanted to drop a quick post about the Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #12 release today, July 31st!  Well... today if you're reading this from Houston.  For most of you who are reading from Baton Rouge or nearby it's not out yet, but if last year is any indication it will be within a few weeks.  Divine Reserve #11 made its way to us a few weeks later than the Texas release and after the initial wave they weren't extremely hard to find at some of the usual suspects around town like Calandro's, Matherne's, and Whole Foods.  

Last year's offering was an Imperial IPA that served as the genesis for their Endeavour IPA that can be found around town now.  A previous release of Divine Reserve also evolved into Saint Arnold's (facebook - twitter) outstanding Pumpkinator that debuted last fall and should be out again this year.  

This year's batch of Divine Reserve is going to be an old ale, a high-alcohol (10%) beer that is designed to be aged for up to 5 years while developing sherry-like notes.  Which basically means to me that I need to get at least a 6-pack and enjoy them over the next half decade!

So look for Divine Reserve #12 in stores soon, and don't drink it all right away.