Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Of The Hops 2011 - Cajundome, Lafayette

Whew... Top Of The Hops... see, what had happened was, I had been drinking.  A lot.  31 new beers in fact at this past festival.  Yeah, that puts a large dent in the 365 in 2011 goal, with a month's worth of new beers in one afternoon.

You would think I wouldn't remember them all at that point, but you're wrong!  Apparently my memory for beers is a well oiled machine.  Anyway, a couple of Saturdays ago I took off with Mandi, Jay, and Jeremy and we headed down to the Cajundome to do some beer tasting.

The first thing I did after we got in was head to the Parish Brewing table.  Andrew has been a friend of the BR Beer Scene since the beginning and I knew he had a black IPA to try, and it did not disappoint!  Rich roasted malts with a bitter hop bite, I thought it was very well done and a great start to the day.  Andrew also had a hop infusion machine, pumping his Biere Amber through fresh hops and into your glass... and interesting contraption that created a sort of beer/hop tea.  It was tasty, and quite different than anything else on the day.

Andrew and Eric at the Parish Brewing booth.

Some other highlights of the new ones to me included the Brouwerij Het Anker offerings, several beers from the Sherwood Forest Brewery, several new offerings from Shmaltz Brewing, and I was able to finally try the NOLA 7th Street Wheat and Flambeau Red Ale!  The brews from Zea also made an appearance with their full lineup... I knew Zea was doing their own beer (although I believe contract brewed by Covington) but had never tried them before.  

Zea brews on display.
The NOLA tap handle.
After hitting up all the new ones I could find, it was time for some old favorites like Chimay, Stone, Unibroue, Affligem, and more...

That's a lot of empty Affligem bottles!
You can never go wrong with Unibroue.
All in all, a fantastic afternoon, capped off by a nice meal at Jolie's after the drinking was over.  I'll definitely be back next year!


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