Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beer Travels: San Antonio Part 2 - Pedicab Bar & Grille

After hitting the Freetail Brewery in Part 1 of my beer travels in San Antonio, Chad and I took off to a place close to downtown called the Pedicab Bar & Grille... they had free wings with each beer on Monday nights, and a pretty high quality selection so it sounded good to me.  It was pretty easy to find, just look for all the cars parked on the street! There was a large open area out front after going through the gates with picnic tables and plenty of people drinking and eating wings. I remember it being a very diverse crowd... people from all walks of life and backgrounds hanging out drinking.

We headed up the ramps and into the bar... definitely a "hole in the wall" sort of bar with a good many tables and a large bar. There was a stage for live music although no one was playing this night.

They were definitely looking for quality over quantity, although it seemed I saw more people drinking Lonestar than anything else. We had some Green Flash Hop Head Red, 512 Pecan Porter, Oskar Blues Pale Ale, and then I dropped a pretty penny on some 2009 Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA just because I'd never had the chance to try one. Other than the 120 Minute, the prices seemed reasonable for the quality of beers.
I'm pretty sure these were the 512 Pecan Porters... but I had been drinking.
 As for the food... it was wing night and that ended up being a clusterfuck. Apparently you turn in your ticket to get your free wings (5 per beer I think, but they gave us a 20-spot for ordering the 120 Minute) and then wait until it's your turn to pick them up. No real order to it, but eventually (and after a few more beers) we got the wings. By then I was pretty well inebriated so they were quickly devoured, but nothing TOO special. Can't beat the price, though.

Definitely an interesting place... I can see it being some people's go-to bar but not totally my vibe.  The highlight was getting to try the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, which was a boozy mess but also pretty damn delicious.  
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
Thanks again to Chad for showing me around a few beer joints in San Antonio... unfortunately the rest of my trip was almost all work and no beers, but it was nice to have an evening to cut loose a little in a new town.

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  1. You know, some people actually think Lone Star is quality beer.