Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quick Review: Allagash Dubbel Ale

Here's another one I picked up at Spec's in Houston... if you haven't figured it out by now, Spec's on Smith St. right by downtown Houston is probably the best beer run you can make from Baton Rouge for a really good selection of brews you can't find in Baton Rouge.  Heading the other direction I hear Pensacola has some really good bottle shops, but I haven't tried to beer run that way yet.  (Other than a planned trip to Gainesville...)

Allagash is a brewery out of Maine that specializes in Belgian-style ales.  I've had their Tripel and Curieux (bourbon barrel aged tripel) before and both were pretty good beers... so, it's time to try their dubbel.
As true with all Belgian-style ales, the proper glassware is some soft of goblet or oversized wine glass.  This brew is a murky brown color with a finger-worth of creamy off-white head. Good looking beer.

It smells like raising and malt sweetness. Definitely some Belgian candy-sugar sweetness to it.  The taste is like the aroma but not super bold... it's kind of a let down after the aroma, but still good.   It's a little thin, but still overall a good beer. Not the best dubbel ever but still enjoyable.  
I still say my all-time favorite dubbel is the Chimay Premiere (red label) followed closely by the Westmalle Dubbel, but for an American version, this offering from Allagash is not bad at all.

My Rating: B

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