Friday, August 1, 2014

Feature Beer Friday! - 3 Floyds Zombie Dust

And we have a first-time brewery to the Feature Beer Friday! reviews, but one you probably all should have heard of, 3 Floyds Brewing out of Indiana.  They are probably best known for their Dark Lord, which is only available from the brewery during a special release party known as Dark Lord Day.  It's generally considered one of the best beers in the world, and I can promise that the beer lives up to the hype.  As does 3 Floyds in general, I've been able to try several of their brews and not a single one let me down. 

Today's Feature Beer is unfortunately not the Dark Lord, but it is the Zombie Dust, their take on the American Pale Ale. It clocks in at 6.2% and 50 IBU, so pretty big for a pale ale, certainly not a session beer but not a strong beer either.  Let's see what we think...
Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jeff Herman (Tiger Deaux-nuts), and Dan Fisher.

Serving: 12 oz. bottle.

Appearance: Hazy copper color, just right for the style. 

Pale Ale my ass!  This aroma is bursting with hops, Dan described it as hop pellet candy. It's potent.  

Taste: Resin, pine, not much to balance it out, this is straight up hoppy.  Dan said "not a pale" and I agree, but that doesn't mean it's not delicious. 

Bitter, and a little creamy.

Overall: This deserves a spot in any IPA tasting, which reminds me that IPA Day is next Thursday!  I think in a blind tasting of pale ales I would pick this one out every time due to it's extra hoppiness, but that said, it's outstanding.  Zombie Dust is hoppy, delicious, and worthwhile of a selection if you're ever traveling up in the Midwest.

Overall Rating: 86.67
My Rating: 85

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