Friday, July 25, 2014

Feature Beer Friday! - Dogfish Head Noble Rot

And it's back!  Along with the general push to get back on the blogging wagon is a renewed round of Feature Beer Friday!  These have been very sporadic since the initial run, but I want to try to make it as close to a weekly occurrence as possible.  I have a small backlog of reviews, then it'll be time for some more drinking with friends and new reviews to post! 

Today's Feature Beer is the Noble Rot, Dogfish Head's "saison-esque science project." The standout feature of the beer is that it's about as close as you can get to beer-wine hybrid.  Two rounds of distinct grape must are added to give the beer more fermentable sugars and complexity.  They use pilsner malt, wheat, minimal hops, and a Belgian yeast strain.  This is sure to be an interesting review...
Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jeff Herman (Tiger Deaux-nuts), Dan Fisher, and Mandi Kaelberer.

Serving: 750 ml. bottle.

Appearance: Golden, clear with a white head, sort of like a cider. 

The grapes are prevalent.  I remarked that it was crisp, and more like a wine than a beer on the nose.  Dan had an array of notes, grapes, dry, funky, musty, sour apple, pear... there's a lot going on for sure.  

Taste: Fruity, very wine-like, almost like a chardonnay mixed with a riesling? 

Highly carbonated with a crisp fruity finish.

Overall: Absolutely worth drinking, this is a unique beer that really can change the way you view the brewing process. We all enjoyed it, and it had solid 70ish scores all around the table, which means not one of us was turned off by this science project gone right. 

Overall Rating: 70.25
My Rating:71

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