Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Flash Debut At WYES International Beer Tasting?

For those who don't know, every year for a while now WYES (facebook - twitter), the New Orleans public broadcasting station, holds a large International Beer Tasting!  This year's event is coming up soon, Saturday June 2nd, and it should be pretty fantastic.  In addition to the lineup of Louisiana breweries, other good craft beers, and homebrewers, rumor has it that Green Flash Brewing (facebook - twitter) will be there as part of their arrival into the Louisiana market.  

I've tried many Green Flash beers that I've picked up in Texas and they will be a great addition to our local beer scene.  I've also heard that they will have an Avenue Pub roll-out date, but haven't confirmed that yet.  

So, just in case you needed another excuse to spend an evening in New Orleans drinking beer, check out Green Flash at WYES.  There is also going to be a limited space private beer tasting on Friday night, so maybe we can seen some special Green Flash beers there?  I'll definitely be there to find out.

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