Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BeerWalking 1/4 Year Summary!

Alright, three months down with my 2012 Resolution to talk one mile per drink consumed!  January started off really well, with 127.55 miles walked vs. 118.5 drinks summarized here.  February was pretty good as well, consistently walking more than I drank for over a 13-mile gain.  March slipped a bit, my walking went down and I ended up with around an 8-drink deficit.  That all left me, at the end of March, with approximately 14 miles up on my drinks.  

The stats:
Total miles: 331.76
Total drinks: 317.50
Average miles: 3.65
Average drinks: 3.49
Mileage high: 9.41 miles
Mileage low: 1.09 miles
Drinks high: 13, twice
Drinks low: 0, many times

In general, I think I can do better.  My average mileage for January was 4.11 and I failed to maintain that pace throughout February and March.  For a large part of March I made another attempt at the slow-carb diet.  While I did lose a few pounds, I actually found that I drank enough more on my cheat days to put March in a deficit, although I did drink more in January.  I also hit double digit drinks 5 times in March compared to just once in January and February combined.  
My mileage low came on a super busy day... work, then straight to Fleming's to record an episode of Raise A Glass, then with Jay to meet one of the editors of Southern Living magazine.  I didn't get a chance to walk the lakes, or take Abbey out for very long, and I didn't have any job-site walking at work.  I was under 2 miles several times in March, and need to prevent that from  happening in the future.

Despite that, so far on the year I've lost about 7 pounds... if I can keep at that pace I'll be down 28 at the end of the year but I'd prefer to increase it.  I know I can do better, and I will.

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