Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looks Like The LSU / Tin Roof Beer Is Off.

This isn't a huge surprise due to the backlash from some people within the LSU community and the difficult licensing process, but it's still disappointing that the LSU / Tin Roof beer project is officially over.  Here's the article on WAFB, or on the Business Report if that's more your style, but basically LSU has decided not to continue to pursue licensing and has removed the beer from its agenda.

So what does that really mean to Baton Rouge beer drinkers?  Not a whole lot... the beer is already out as Bandit Blonde on tap around town and will continue to be produced as the Bandit Blonde as far as I know.  And I can't see any reason not to as the name alone presents no licensing or copyright problems.  All this really means is that the cans, when released, won't be adorned with any LSU logos.  

What I really want to know is what this might do (if anything) to the potential education tie-ins between LSU and Tin Roof?  It seemed to me that it would be a great opportunity for students to get hands on with the brewing process as part of LSU's Department of Food Science.  It would be a shame to miss out on that aspect of the partnership just because the beer licensing didn't work out.

Oh well... I guess we won't be seeing any of this on the shelves:

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  1. I'm definitely with you on the excellent opportunity for the dept of food science, could definitely be a great collaboration for students or even for a continuing education non-credit night course...