Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IPA Time At The Black Labrador Pub In Houston

A few trips ago to Houston I met up with some friends at The Black Labrador Pub for some beer and dinner... I knew they didn't have the best beer selection around but they DID have a couple of good IPAs available, including one I had never tried before.  To kick it off, I went for that new one, the Bridgeport IPA from the Bridgeport Brewery (@bridgeportbrew) out of Portland, Oregon.  I had previously tried the Hop Czar IPA from these guys and enjoyed it, so why not try a new one?

Served on-tap... in a standard pint glass.  It was a clear amber color, with a finger or two of foamy white head. Pretty good retention and lacing!

It had a nice citrus hop smell, not too rough... and a very palatable hop-dominated flavor. A very solid IPA and a good start to the evening!

After that I went for a Hardcore IPA from Brewdog out of Scotland.  This was a much hoppier and more bitter IPA, that I would recommend to any hop heads out there.  It only came in bottles (despite the picture... that's the bottle label on a pint glass!) but was worth the price.  The two IPAs were a great compliment to good friends and some fish & chips.

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