Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: Fuller's London Pride

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Picked up a 6-pack of these guys at Marcello's the other day, at $10.99 total.  Poured it into a pint glass (from Happy's it seems!); amber color with red tones to it... not much head, but what is there is white with little lacing.

The smell is a fantastic combo of sweet & bitter. Malt & hops... loving it. Just what you expect out of a well balanced pale ale.

First sip brings upon natural flavors... barley, hay, grains all come to mind. A slight bit of the hops on the aftertaste... very nice, well balanced like the aroma.

Superbly crisp and refreshing... if I lived in England and had a lawn, I'd drink this after yardwork every day.  Certainly several notches above the typical domestic lagers and ales, and a beer I wouldn't hesitate to buy and drink again.

Taste: B
Value: A-  (Less than $2 each isn't bad for an above-average import.)

And... three random thoughts... I'm happy for A-Rod finally doing well in the post-season, not sure why but I've always liked him; Saints are going for 7-0 shortly... what a season so far and I think they had an outside shot at a 16-0 season!; about to head to Ivar's to watch both games... one of my favorite little bars in BR.

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