Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest 2013

Sierra Nevada's Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale - 2013 edition - is back on shelves in Baton Rouge, so get it while it lasts!  I picked up a bottle at Cuban Liquor not too long ago with the thought of using it as a Feature Beer Friday! review, but my co-reviewers for that session were done and I drank this one with Mandi, so here's a bonus review for everyone.  This should be available at all the local beer stores, and while it's limited, it won't be impossible to find.

This beer is the counterpart to the Northern Hemisphere Harvest Ale, using fresh-picked New Zealand hops shipped directly to Sierra Nevada.  It uses Southern Cross, Pacifica, and Motueka hops which tend to give a more herbal and floral character than North American hops. 

The beer pours caramel to deep red in color, with a nice frothy head and great retention.  There's a sweet malt base with a good hop aroma but more spicy than floral in my opinion.

The taste is hoppy as well, but I think the biscuit-ness of malt muddles the flavor a bit.  The hops are mostly present on the back end and especially on the finish.  

Yet another solid offering from Sierra Nevada.  I know sometimes people look to the new breweries in the state or the fancy new offerings, but try not to overlook Sierra Nevada.  They're big, they've been here a while, but they still put out some of the best beers and some of the best beer values around.  

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