Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweetwater Brewing Coming To Louisiana In 2013!

I think everyone down here assumed when Sweetwater Brewing out of Atlanta, Georgia started on their massive brewhouse expansion that it would eventually mean Louisiana availability, but now it's confirmed.  The guys at Sweetwater quadrupled their capacity and that means more beer and more markets.  They are expanding distribution in their 6 current states and adding Kentucky, Louisiana, and Virginia to the list!  They are expected to be in the three new states during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2013.  Knowing how optimism and reality usually coincide, bet on the 3rd quarter!  

Here's the full article at The Full Pint if you want to read more! 

So what does this really mean?  How good of a brewery is Sweetwater? I think that really depends on which beers make it our way.  They have a solid year-round lineup that I think we can expect to see, including the 420 Pale Ale, IPA, Exodus Porter, Blue, LowRYEder and Georgia Brown. I've had the 420 Pale Ale on Feature Beer Friday!, the IPA, Blue, and Georgia Brown are all good beers, but I've never tried the Porter or the LowRYEder.  Sweetwater also does a "Catch & Release" seasonal series and a limited "Dank Tank" series.  The Dank Tank series is what I'm really hoping we see here, but I think the year-rounds and seasonals will be a great addition also.  I'll certainly be looking forward to seeing plenty of their beer on tap at places like The Pelican House around town.  Another good addition to the Louisiana and Baton Rouge craft beer scene to go with New Belgium and Southern Tier.   

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