Friday, March 15, 2013

Feature Beer Friday! - Karbach Rodeo Clown DIPA

Time for only our second Feature Beer Friday! trip to Texas, where we have previously seen Shiner Bock put up a respectable 60.67 overall score.  Unlike Shiner, this feature beer from Karbach Brewing is not commercially available in Louisiana.  Karbach is a relatively new brewery in the Houston area located near 290 and 610 fairly close to the old Saint Arnold brewery.  Despite their relative youth, they have blown up in the region and have quickly moved to canning their normal releases and packaging their seasonal and special releases in 22 oz. bombers.

The featured beer is one of their year-round favorites, the Rodeo Clown Double IPA.  It's available throughout the Houston area in 4-packs of cans, so next time you're in Spec's or even the grocery stores over there, you'll be able to find some.  As stated it's a Double IPA in style, coming in at 9.5% alcohol and 85 IBU.  

Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jay Ducote (Bite And Booze), James Lawson  (, and Charles (

Serving: 12 oz. red & blue can.   

Appearance: Caramel, a little on the dark side for the style. 

Aroma: Rich, hoppy but not overbearing, Jay picked out some molasses as well.  

Taste: I thought the taste was a little muted on the hops compared to the aroma, but still very nice.  Jay agreed as far as the hops go, but we both gave high scores for a well balanced taste. 

Mouthfeel: Creamy, no bad aftertaste.

Overall: Karbach impressed us all with this DIPA, giving us a very well balanced and tasty brew.  James, who isn't an IPA fan, thought it was a "tastier beer than it is hoppy" and I wrote that it was an excellent local-ish Double IPA. 
Overall Rating: 76.75
My Rating:80

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