Monday, May 14, 2012

Beer Olympics at The Cove - Week 2!

Alright, here is what you can look forward to in this week's episode of the Beer Olympics present by Raise A Glass on WHYR 96.9 FM Baton Rouge.  

First line-up: Worldwide Best Sellers!   These are the beers that you can find throughout the world, representing some of the biggest breweries out there.  They might not be what you consider the best, but they are the most popular.

Second up: Farmhouse / Saison / Sours!  Sticking with one style this time, we have 6 traditional farmhouse or saison style beers from around the world.  Originating as a French & Belgian style, we also have beers from Canada, Denmark, Italy, and United States to taste.  Tune in Friday at 6 or Sunday at 4 to find out who took home the gold medal!

Raise A Glass will be recording on location at The Cove on Corporate Blvd. almost every Wednesday evening this summer, starting around 6 PM.  Everyone is welcome to come out and drink a few beers along with us and maybe even have the chance to try the eventual winners!

Congrats to Nogne O Sweet Horizon from Norway for taking the gold medal in the Stouts competition last week.  Sweden took the silver with the Nils Oscar Imperial Stout due to a tiebreaker with the USA, which settled for bronze from to the NOLA Irish Channel Stout.  

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