Friday, November 19, 2010

New To Baton Rouge - Tin Roof Brewing

It has been several months in the works, but Tin Roof Brewing, located right here in Baton Rouge, rolled out their first two beers last night at the Bulldog.  The party officially started at 4, and Dustin and I were there within a few minutes of the opening pour.  We both started with a Voodoo Bengal Pale Ale, Tin Roof's version of an American Pale Ale.  It's a dark amber color, with a decent malt/hop balance to it.  A pretty good beer, and a good start to the evening.

After the pint of Voodoo it was on to the Perfect Tin Amber Ale.  This one poured pretty much an identical color to the Voodoo, and the guys at Tin Roof even talked about doing something to change the colors to distinguish the beers from each other.  I imagine the similarities caused a few bartenders problems through the night!  As for the beer itself, neither Dustin or I was too impressed with the Amber.  It had a good malt kick but really lacked body and balance.  Easy to drink for sure, but overall pretty weak.

After the Perfect Tin I went back for a few more pints of Voodoo Bengal, which was definitely my favorite of the two, and then called it an evening.  By 7 the place was packed and I think the Tin Roof beers were generally being very well received by the crowd.  Even though I wasn't blown away by the beers I have a huge appreciation for a new micro-brewery in town.  Converting the masses away from the big domestics and into trying craft beer is always a good thing, and Tin Roof seems to be a perfect way for people to try something new and hopefully really enjoy it.  

Props to them for making it happen, and I look forward to trying to the rest of their lineup once it rolls out!

For a change, these pictures are courtesy of Jay Ducote's Bite and Booze blog!

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