Saturday, August 14, 2010

Abita S.O.S. - Save Our Shore

Alright, only a month or so late, I finally got a chance to try the Abita S.O.S. last night... first at the Chimes and then I broke open one of the ones I had bought at home to give a good thorough review.   As I'm sure most of you know, this is a new beer from Abita, created to raise money to go towards restoring the gulf coast after the oil spill.  The cause alone will be enough to sell plenty of the 22 oz. bombers at around $4 apiece retail, but I wanted to see how good the beer itself actually was.

This beer is labeled by some as a German Pilsener style beer, and fortunately I have a few good authentic pilsener glasses.  Nothing like pairing the right beer with the right glass to help it out.  The Abita SOS pours a bubbly gold color, clear with a nice creamy white head and good retention. Not a bad looking brew.
I was pleasantly surprised by the aroma... more like a pale ale than a pilsener to me, hoppier than expected and also a hint of the wheat roots.   There's more wheat on the tongue than on the the nose... and less hops although there is a slight bite towards the end. A little watery but quite good.

This one's nothing spectacular that's going to win national awards, but I'm pleasantly surprised with this wheat imperial pilsener hybrid. 
A well done beer and all for a good cause.

My rating: B

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